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Car detailing is an essential part of protecting your vehicle investment. It can offer various advantages, including an increment in your car’s lifespan, security, the safety of the passengers, and the improvement in the look of your Car. Nobody likes to spend extra on their car’s maintenance and repair. Still, when you consider the amount of time it takes, the long-term benefits it gives to your vehicle’s appearance, performance, and resale/trade-in value, it becomes a profitable and prudent investment. 

You should make a detailing appointment a few times a year to fix scratches, improve looks, and truly safeguard the appearance of your vehicle. But, how much would each detailed session cost you? 

What is the Average Cost of Car Detailing

That is the question we will address today. Continue reading to learn more about vehicle detailing, the average cost of car detailing, and how to guarantee you’re getting the services you require. 

Car Detailing 

The car detailing services prices differs depending on various factors. Though the initial cost of detailing may be higher than that of a drive-through car wash, a detailing job delivers a better value for your money by thoroughly washing and maintaining the automobile’s body.  

When you hire a professional to detail your car, they can offer various packages ranging from the most basic to ultra. You can choose from these packages according to the demand of your vehicle. 

Interior Detailing 

Carpet and mat cleaning entails fixing dirt or burns on the carpet. Typically, the valeting professional will use a car carpet wash to remove stains and make any mats seem new. Interior car detailing typically includes air vent cleaning, window seal cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and eliminating foul odors from your car. 

  • Air vent cleaning is a procedure in which professionals thoroughly remove all particles and moisture trapped within the air vent. 
  • Professionals will most likely use sprays and cleansers to keep your windows. 
  • Upholstery cleaning will entail the application of leather protection to seats, among other things. 
  • Air freshener: This will aid in recreating that distinctive “new car” smell. 

Exterior Finishing 

Professional cleaners will use various techniques and procedures to make the exterior of your car look like new. These procedures include alloy wheel cleaning, cleaning your tires, hand-washing the vehicle’s surface, getting rid of the contaminants, polishing, and waxing. 

  • A specialist will polish and degrease your alloy wheels during alloy wheel cleaning using specific cleansers. 
  • Thorough cleansing of your tires using specialized products. 
  • Professional cleaning supplies will be used to make your vehicle shine. 
  • Polishing and buffing will remove small lines on the paint surface that might accumulate over time. 
  • Wax is essential protection since it helps resist tiny scratches from the paintwork. 

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost? 

The cost of Car detailing depends on different factors. These factors include the products being used during the procedure, the company you are hiring, your location, the size of your car, the condition of your vehicle, and the type of service you want for your car. Depending on the number of services you want to be performed, a complete detailing session can take between four and six hours. 

A primary inside clean and exterior wash might cost £35 and £60. However, a top-tier treatment that includes an in-depth clean of the interior and exterior is more likely to cost between £250 and £500. 

Contrast Between Prices  

The charges for car detailing might differ from state to state. For example, detailing prices US vs. UK will be quite the opposite. Independent vehicle detailers in London who do everything by hand and use the best polishes, waxes, and equipment will charge significantly more than a detailer in Glasgow who uses over-the-counter car detailing products or a smaller town’s automatic car wash. 

Here are some facts and figures showing the average cost of Car detailing per state: 

  • Car detailers in the United Kingdom make £18,525 ($9) each year. 
  • The state with the highest average detailing price in Oregon has a cost of $258. 
  • London has an average detailing price of £250. 
  • Manchester has an average detailing the price of £120 
  • Glasgow has an average detailing the price of £100. 
  • Hawaii has the lowest average price for detailing, with an average of $90.50.  


The size of your vehicle and the sort of package you choose is an essential factors in determining the average cost of car detailing. Basic packages for smaller vehicles are typically less expensive, with additional fees for improved services.  

Car detailing can encompass a variety of services, and you may have various options and packages to pick from. Price variations will be determined mainly by attention to detail, professionalism, and reputation. For high-quality service, you should expect to pay extra. 

Vehicles will most likely be classified by the service provider as follows: 

  • Sedans and Coupes 
  • A 4×4 car. 
  • Trucks for Hire 
  • Minivans, Commercial/Cargo Vans, and Other Vehicles 

The bigger the size of your car, the more you should expect to pay in the end. This is because detailers have to ensure that each component is in the best shape possible. They provide that all the parts and surfaces are polished and cleaned thoroughly. If you want an even more extensive cleansing, you can inform your detailers to focus on those parts. 

Want To Detail By Yourself? Read This comprehensive detailing guide. 

Car Detailing in Edmonton, Alberta by Underworld Coatings 

detailing service in Edmonton

Underworld Coatings is a company that ensures to provide you with high-quality services at a reasonable price. Car Detailing in Edmonton, Alberta by Underworld Coatings uses the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your car surfaces are cleaned and polished. We use industry-grade chemicals for protective layering outside your car that certifies the longevity of the paint. This method helps to lessen rusting, which can further cause malfunctions in the car. 

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, we can say that car detailing, in general, is advantageous when done regularly to keep your vehicle in spectacular condition. Detailing increases the market value of your car and might even save the car from minor accidents. Dirty windows and headlights, for example, reduce visibility, resulting in more casualties. However, car detailing can increase the lifespan of your car and make your vehicle shine like new. 

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