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Washing your vehicle, truck, or SUV every couple of weeks is recommended no matter where you reside.  Many people swear by blowing away standing water using air, while others prefer an aid for drying such as glass boost spray followed by a standard towel. But using the wrong material or towel could be just as harmful as leaving dirt and dust on the car’s paint.

You’re looking to safeguard your investment when you invest thousands of dollars for an anti-paint solution. That being said, using the correct washing products and techniques is the most effective way to prevent the risk of developing a water spotting scratching and enhancing your car’s appearance.

Some of the best ways to dry a car after washing and other essential tips are as under:


It could seem unintuitive to dry your car by cleaning it, but when using light pressure to rinse after your wash, you can create a cascading effect that aids in carrying water beads off the paint’s surface. Making use of a high-quality automobile wash soap or using a coating of ceramic on your car will help with the beading.

Water Blades

The water blade, instead of applying the material to an object, removes the water by dragging it over the surface. To prevent scratching paint, most water blades feature an elastic silicone tip. One of the biggest advantages over other drying techniques is their speed.

But since they don’t absorb water like microfiber fabric, it is recommended that they be dried with the traditional drying method. They move the material from one spot to another. Another problem is that dirt may get stuck and pulled along the blade’s edge, requiring a thorough washing and rinse before using a knife.

Utilizing Synthetic Chamois

A chamois, also called a shammy, is an artificial rubber or drying process for leather. You can apply them after washing a car. They are very absorbent, can be sucked out by the water, and take up a lot of space because of their dimensions. They resemble an extremely damp, slightly soft, and somewhat sticky shirt. The other method is “throwing” it out onto dry surfaces and returning it to you.

While they’re effective, they cost more than microfiber cloths and are more difficult to clean since they store an enormous amount of water for a long time. They also absorb more dirt and dust than any other method of drying.

Bucket System

A lot of detailers utilize two buckets of wash. The first bucket houses your soapy water, while the second holds the water to rinse. This is used to wash your mitt or sponge before immersing it in soapy water.

This method offers two practical advantages. It first and foremost helps keep dirt and grit out from your soapy water so that it can cause damage to your vehicle. It also makes the suds from the soapy water last for long since the shampoo for your car wash isn’t required to react to any dirt you might be returning to the water.

Wipe Out

After washing, be sure to squeeze the dried towel. Use a towel to dry car continues to soak up water rather than simply push it around. Each time you clean, look over the towel for small pieces of dust. Change to a new towel to ensure you don’t scratch the paint.

Utilizing a High-Quality Microfiber Towel

One of the more well-known methods many car enthusiasts use is a high premium microfiber cloth to dry their car. This is one of the best ways to dry a car after washing. Due to the fineness of microfiber, particles of dirt or any other substance in contact with your paint are less likely to result in scratches or swirls when you make your way around the vehicle using the towel.

Another reason microfiber towels are amazing is that they can absorb as much as seven times the weight of liquid. This makes them very effective in drinking all water from your paintwork quickly and in a safe manner.

Continue Drying

A tiny amount of water may be left on your paint after you’ve finished wiping. Even if it’s just a small quantity of water, you shouldn’t let it dry out in the air. If it evaporates, the minerals in the water could leave scratches and harm your paint. Instead, clean it with a dry, microfiber towel until the water is removed. Another way to dry is to place your towel to dry over a surface, then apply pressure and let the microfiber take over. The microfiber will take up all trace minerals and leave the area with a shiny streak-free surface. It is the best way to dry a car after washing.

To accomplish this task, we suggest using towels specifically designed to dry. The Buff (TM) Detail Microfiber Drying Towel is available in two sizes, is machine washable, and will not scratch or damage your vehicle. These towels are Korean-produced and constructed with our unique looped hydrophilic microfiber that quickly soaks up water and then transfers it to the interior and inside the towel.

Wash Your Wheels Separately

The most important auto drying tip is using separate towels designed for the wheels. The grit and brake dust they create are easily transferred onto the fabric you’re employing. So, as you dry your body, you’ll work the abrasive materials into your finishing.

Important Tip

A common thing people do without even thinking about it is to let their car drip dry for a short time before going about the drying process you decide to use. Letting the car dry will let you put things together or store items before taking out the drying equipment. A few minutes or so also permits the extra water to naturally flow off before moving on.

Drying Aids are Useful.

If you own a quick detailing tool or spray for detailing, you can apply it to lubricate your surface as it is drying. Take a clean microfiber towel, soak it with water and squeeze it out. Drying car after wash, cut the towel into two halves and apply up to 3 sprays with the rapid detailer before wiping it clean. It is also possible to spray directly onto the paint’s surface before wiping the stain with the towel.

It is possible to think that using liquids and a moist towel to dry the vehicle seems counterintuitive. On the contrary, this method gives the most effective results. A dry towel or detailer functions as lubrication and removes dirt and dust. This results in a sparkling clean, scratch-free, and smooth appearance!

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In conclusion, we can say that many car owners know that a thorough cleaning can greatly improve the appearance of a car; however, the method you use to dry your car following the wash also is a major factor in how clean and fresh it appears. Incorrect drying can lead to scratches and water spots in the paint, so it’s crucial to use the right products and spend time. Whatever drying method you choose, rinse and cover the exterior of your vehicle by soaking it in water first. This will remove obstructions and flush out excess water, making it easier to dry.



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