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Auto Engine Cleaning Service

A well-cleaned engine compartment makes a used car look better and is newer maintained, but besides that, it also allows the engine to run cooler as well. Underworld Coatings provides you with the most unparalleled internal & external engine cleaning solutions. With our unmatched team of professionals having decades of working experience and expertise, we ensure that you get the best results in terms of the engine room’s appeal and performance. Oily, greasy dirt that accumulates externally and internally on an engine can trap some heat and increase friction; that is why we put an immense amount of attention to detail in all aspects of the job, ensuring 100% cleanness. Engine inspection during the cleaning process allows us to determine oil or grease leakage that is the root cause of the accumulation. Leaky valve cover gasket is statistically the primary cause of leakages which can be isolated and repaired before it turns into a bigger problem.

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Our top engine cleaning service leverages high-quality equipment and materials to ensure our client satisfaction with top service. Oil and grease can increase the probability of potential wear of rubber hoses and plastic parts; using a degreaser to clean off the gunk may save on repairs.

At Underworld Coatings, we ensure that your engine’s best cosmetic appeal will be the biggest payback after our servicing. Because most used cars are properly detailed before being put up for sale, including many vehicles sold by private owners, buyers have come to expect to see a tidy and clean engine when they purchase.

We leverage a powerful and safe engine cleaner that is phosphate and solvent-free because it immediately begins to remove grease and specks of dirt as soon as it comes in contact, ensuring all areas are adequately covered. We utilize hot pressurized steam for engine compartment cleaning that will potentially eliminate all kinds of dirt and grease, making the engine room look good as new. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your engine cleaning needs because we are the pros.


Prices Of Our Engine Cleaning Services

  • 2-4 door car/minivan: $120
  • 5 seat SUV / ½ ton / Jeep: $150
  • ¾ / 1 ton Gas: $180
  • Diesel: $200


We offer combo packs, which can also be applied to separate vehicles

  • Two services 10% off
  • Three services 15% off
  • Four services 20% off!